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Shampoo Choice Based on Hair Type

hair types

Choosing the shampoo and conditioners that suits your hair type is essential. Each person has different hair and different hair problems. So one type of shampoo is not enough for all the people. The shampoo that your friends like might not suit on your hair. Similarly, shampoo that you use might not work for your friend. There are thousands of shampoos available on the market. It is confusing for a beginner to choose the best shampoo among those. Each person has different hair structure, moisture and sebum production. So you have to choose the shampoo that matches the structure of your hair.

Which Shampoo Is Right for My Hair Type?

The first thing that you need to look before buying the shampoo is to define your scalp type.

We use shampoo to remove dirt from hair and scalp. The scalp has dry and oil area. You have to choose a shampoo that cleanses your scalp. Many products are available, and almost all of them are useless for you if you don’t about your scalp type, hair structure, and hair problem.

hair types

1> Shampoo for oily hair and scalp:

For oily scalp, you need to choose a shampoo that suits for oily scalp. There are one tip that helps you to identify whether you have an oily scalp or not. If your forehead has pimples, then it can be due to the oily scalp. When you wake up and see your hair are oily, you have an oily scalp. Oily scalp and hair is due to the excess sebum production. It would be best if you chose shampoo that controls the excess sebum production. Due to the excess Sebum production, there is an extra layer of oil on your hair, making them oily. Oily hair are more prone to breakage and hair fall.

How to choose a shampoo for oily hair:

1> For oily hair, You need to use clarifying shampoo. Avoid hydrating, volumizing shampoo or avoid using a shampoo that adds moisture to the hair.

2> If you don’t know what type of shampoo you are using, look at the label on the bottle that mentions volumizing or balanced. These shampoos remove the excess oil

3> If you have a budget to buy two shampoos, then you can try washing your hair with two different shampoos

4> Avoid foods that are high in sugar and follow the diet with low sugar.

2> Shampoo for dry scalp:

Dry scalp cause itchiness and dandruff, due to that your hair looks frizzy and unmanaged. This can lead to the embarrassing situation when you have unmanaged hair. So choosing the shampoo that treats those dry scalp problem is essential. When our hair and scalp lacks the moisture, it causes dry scalp and hair. It is due to the low sebum production. Sebum is a waxy substance that keeps the scalp and hair moisturized. The pollution and harsh chemical destroy sebum production.

How to choose a shampoo for dry scalp and hair.

We need to choose the shampoo that increases the moisture of scalp and hair. So for dry scalp and hair, moisturizing and hydrating shampoo are the best option. You have to avoid shampoo that removes moistures from the hair and scalp. Avoid shampoos like strengthening and volumizing shampoo. Shampoo that retains the moisture is best for dry scalp.Wash your hair atleast two to three times a week.


3> Shampoo for the sensitive scalp:

You need to be very careful while selecting a shampoo for sensitive scalp. Itching, burning, redness are common in people who have a sensitive scalp. So it would be best if you chose a shampoo that works gently on your scalp. Shampoo that has aloe vera and panthenol are a great option.


Shampoo for your hair types:

Don’t look at the packaging, celebrity recommendation and smell while buying the shampoo. Look for the shampoo that has ingredients and chemical that suits your hair type. Once you know what your hair wants, it will be easy for you to select the shampoo.

1>Shampoo for fine hair:

Fine hair are bouncy and soft. It needs a shampoo that has protein and polymers which are useful for enhancing the hair structure. The volumizing shampoo is the best option for fine hair.

2>Dry and damaged hair

Dry and damaged hair needs a shampoo that increases the moisture on the scalp. Moisturizing or hydrating shampoo are the best for dry and damaged hair. Especially shampoo that contains shea butter is best for dry hair.

3>Normal hair

The normal hair requires balanced shampoo that will nighter give to much moisture nor causes the dryness.

4> Fatty hair

Fatty hair needs a shampoo that controls excess sebum production, so it is essential for fatty hair to chose shampoo that balances the sebum production. Shampoo that has ingredient like aloe vera is a good choice.

5> Curly hair

Curly hair needs very moisturizing shampoo, and it should have ingredients that remove the frizz.