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Best Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

natural hair loss treatment

Hair loss is common in men and women, and data shows that nearly 25 million males and females are suffering from hair loss. Hair loss demotivates the person. We have seen people who have mental issues are also suffer from hair loss. Society pays a lot of attention to how people look. They judge people based on the skin and hair. So it is disturbing for people who suffer from hair loss. There are lots of shampoos that claim to control hair damage. But choosing the best shampoo for your hair can be the daunting process. This post discusses why some hair loss treatment won’t work and why it is better to switch to the natural hair loss treatment. There are countless numbers of shampoo, conditioners, and hair care products available in the market. But choosing the right shampoo and treatment is critical. Before moving into natural hair loss treatment, let’s talk about hair loss treatments that are not effective.

natural hair loss treatment
1> Shampoo and conditioners:
Yes, the majority of shampoo and conditioner are not suitable for controlling hair fall. Most shampoos and conditioners claim to prevent hair fall, but most do not work in reality. So you can complete avoiding shampoo and conditioner for hair loss treatment.
2> Lasers, hair straighteners:
If you are one of those who use laser treatment and hair straighteners, you are damaging your hair. Avoid using electronic appliance treatment on your hair.

Instead of chemical, switching to the natural hair loss treatment can do wonders for your hairs. We are getting used to shampoo and conditioners filled with the chemical, so we doubt whether the shampoo that has natural ingredients will work. Shampoo and conditioners are the modern way of treating hair loss. But many people now understand the reality of those modern hair loss treatments. They are now moving to the natural hair loss treatment.
Natural treatment for hair loss use herbs, minerals, protein, and nutrients to cure hair loss. All these natural ingredients are obtained from nature, so we can guarantee that they will not do any harm to your hair. We have rarely seen any side effects of natural hair loss treatment. But we have seen plenty of hair related issues are caused by the chemical driven hair loss treatment.
I know some of you might not feel comfortable with natural shampoos and conditioners. My advice is to use only FDA-approved chemical shampoo and conditioner. We have seen only a few natural hair loss treatments are currently avaible. Many companies sell FDA approved shampoos and conditioner. Those companies have enough money to do research. I can assure you that those chemicals in the shampoo will not solve all your hair related problem. They want to sell the products to you. They don’t research natural herbs, vitamins, and proteins.
Whether you like it or not, chemical shampoos will not give you the hair you want. The natural hair loss treatment are far better than chemical shampoos.
Lets talked about some of the natural hair loss treatment that you can do it on your home.
1> Massaging the hair and scalp with coconut oil can undoubtedly improve the health of your hair. Massaging your scalp will relieve stress and improves the thickness of the hair
2> Aloe vera: Aloe vera is a popular natural herb that will fix your hair fall. Applying aloe vera gel on your face and hair will give you beautiful hair and skin
3>Viviscal: Viviscal improves hair growth. It contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for hair growth.
4> Fish oil contains omega fatty acid, so consuming the fish oil can improve your hair. Fish oil improves your immunity. It also increases the density of the hair.
5>Onion juice: The research shows that onion juice can fix the hair fall problem. You have to bear with the smell of onion juice, but it is worth applying to your hair and scalp
6>Rosemary oil promotes hair growth by reducing hair fall.
7> Fresh lemon juice also improves the quality of your hair. It keeps your scalp healthy and promotes hair growth.