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How to wash hair – 3 simple way to properly clean your hair

how to wash hair

In this era of looks and fashion ever where everyone is trying to present themselves more charming, for people self-care and grooming has become an important thing, people spend huge amounts of money on various grooming products. The hairstyle is an essential part of looks; nowadays, people use several products such as hair sprays, hair color, hair wax, etc. to make their hair look good. All the products mentioned above contain a high amount of chemicals, which, if detained in hair for an extended period of time, can cause hair issues and can even lead to hair loss or baldness. To prevent such problems, one should take care of hair properly; here in this article, I will guide you on the topic “How to Clean Hair.” So that you get to know how you should take care of your hair hygienically so as that your hair looks tidy and shiny, read the article till the end to clear all your doubts and queries.

how to wash hair

How to Clean Hair?

Everyone loves long silky hair, but only a few people know how to clean hair properly. Hair care is a very important factor to which one should look for, nowadays for the sake of fashion and trends people use several hair products to make their hair look good, but most of these products contain chemicals which are very harmful to our hair and scalp, which may cause hair loss or retard the hair growth. To prevent such things, one should take care of them properly; here, I have mentioned some of the points that will help you to clean your hair perfectly. We also wrote one article on hair and scalp detox treatment to help you.


Applying hair Oil – Hair oil is one the most important thing that our hair needs, we the youth of new generation thing hair oil is very creepy and of low standards, it is totally false. Hair oil helps to clear the dirt and impurities from your hair, it nourishes your hair scalp, which increases the production of natural oil. This natural oil supports your hair growth.


Regular Combing – Combing your Hair regularly is as important as brushing your teeth, one should comb their hair regularly as it helps to remove dirt and impurities from the hair. Moreover, it helps to unclog the pores on the scalp hence enhances the natural oil production.

Using a Good Shampoo – Shampoo plays a very important role in cleansing the hair, nowadays everyone uses shampoo, but there are very few who know how to choose a good shampoo for themselves. One should always choose a shampoo according to their hair type, and the shampoo that they choose should be free from harmful chemicals which may ruin the hair growth. Here is the guide on how to choose shampoo and how to shampoo your hair.

how to properly wash your hair

Washing Thoroughly – A very common problem with people is that they are always in a hurry, same in when they wash their heads. Most of the time, when we do not wash our head properly, dirt and shampoo settle down on the scalp clogging the skin pores, which prevents the secretion of natural oil from the scalp, hence causing hair fall.

If you want to keep your hair strong and shiny it is very important to take care of it properly, Nowadays most people don’t know how to clean hair properly due to which their hair is left the unhygienic result of which causes problems such as hair loss, etc. Here in this short article, I tried to help you with some of the points that may help you with the haircare if you have any further problems feel free to ask me down in the comment section.