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How to Shampoo Your Hair

how to shampoo hair

Many people don’t know the correct way to shampoo their hair. We create this guide on how to shampoo your hair the right way. Find out how much shampoo to use for maximum benefits.

We are in the 21st century, whether it is wealth, power, looks, everyone wants to be better than others. For today’s generation looks matter the most, looks are considered above the qualities of the person, to maintain the looks everyone takes complete care of their grooming. Hair is one of the essential things that matter the most; people use various dyes, colors, sprays, shampoos, etc. to take care of their hair. People get branded shampoos, but most of them don’t know how to shampoo them properly, they don’t know that if they don’t wash their hair properly after applying shampoo, the residual shampoo can cause hair loss. Improper ways of shampooing your hair can leave your hair dirty hence causing other hair related problems. Here in this brief article, I will be guiding you with the subject “How to Shampoo Your Hair,” so that you can detox your hair. I will tell you the proper method which will result in healthy hair growth. Read the article until the end to prevent any further problems.

how to shampoo hair

How to shampoo hair-Steps to Shampoo Your Hair

Many people don’t know the proper steps to shampoo their hair and how much shampoo to use, for such people have mentioned the steps below, which you can follow.

  • Step 1 – Apply a good quality hair oil and massage scalp gently before 3 hours of bathing.
  • Step 2 – Apply the shampoo and massage gently on the scalp. Here is the guide on What To look for when buying shampoo?.
  • Step 3 – Rub the ends properly.
  • Step 4 – Wash your hair and scalp with the water thoroughly, with finger moving from the forehead to the hair end.
  • Step 5 – Soak your hair gently with a clean towel.

Note – Do not use a hairdryer directly on the wet hair as it may affect your hair roots and cause hair loss.

How much shampoo to use

How much shampoo you will need is depending on your hair texture, hair density. In general, two full teaspoons is enough for your hair.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is not as easy as it sounds; proper hair care is a very difficult task which many people face problems to follow, especially the one with long hair. Below I have mentioned some of the important points which help you out.

Choosing A Good Shampoo – The very first step is to choose a good shampoo, as we all know, the market is flooded with shampoos of different brands. It would be better if you choose a shampoo suitable for your hair type. I will recommend you to choose a shampoo that is made up of natural ingredients or free from chemicals, as these harmful chemicals affect hair growth and overall results in hair loss. If you need shampoo for removing toxins from hair follicles, then try the aloe rid shampoo.

Applying Hair Oil – It may sound orthodox, but it is true, one should apply and massage the hair with a good hair oil before a few hours of taking a bath. Hair oils help in removing the dirt particles from the hair. Moreover, it helps us by forming a layer of oil on the scalp hence saving the natural oils getting washed during the bath.

Washing Thoroughly – This is a very important step of washing your hair, which most people fail to follow. One should always wash our hair thoroughly with water after applying the shampoo and conditioner because if these products are not properly washed out, then they may cause itching or fungal infection.


There are many people who don’t know the proper way of cleaning their hair, today here in this brief article I have described “How to Shampoo Your Hair,” I tried to provide you with all the information good to my knowledge. But if you have any further questions, feel free to ask me down in the comment section.