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How to grow long hair faster?

long hair

Long hair improves our personality, and we look good in long hair than the short hair. Good look improves our confidence and personality. Some people neglect their hair; they don’t take care of their hair. Some people try various hairstyles; they sometimes opt for short hairstyles. But not all people look good in short hair. Those who opted short hair are now regretting because they don’t look good in short hair.

The time taken to grow short hairs to the longer hair is frustrating. One research says that on average hair grows only six inches per years. Now understand how much time it will take to grow short hairs to the long hairs. So be careful when you cut your long hair short. Don’t worry; there are several steps that you can follow to speed up the hair growth process. This post on how to grow long hair, we cover everything that you need to grow hair.

long hair

How to grow long hair faster?

1> Use good quality shampoo and conditioner: Many people don’t look at ingredients present in the shampoo and conditioner. They ended up buying shampoo and conditioner that has harmful ingredients. Shampoos like Nexxus aloe rid, Zydot are good for your hair. Our hair strands get thin due the hair colours, heating and stretching. Good quality conditioners and shampoo prevent hair damage. It cleans toxins present in all three layers of hair to get long and healthy hairs. Hair follicle shampoo gives strength to the root of hairs, and it also strengthens the hair follicles.

2> Go and get hair cutting from the good quality salon: Most people tend to good to the salon where charges are low. They often don’t look at the quality of service that the salon offers. Trim your hair at the excellent quality salon; you may ask why i need to trim my hair for hair growth? A good hairstylist will cut your damaged, split ends hair to get the base of healthy hair. Due to the split ends, hair loses its shine and volume. Hence cutting the split ends is a good solution.

3>Don’t shampoo your every day: Do not wash your hair every day with the shampoo. Please read our article on how to shampoo your hair for a better understanding. Shampoo removes dirt and dandruff from your oil, but it also removes the essential natural oil present in your hair. If you are daily washing your hair with shampoo, it can adversely affect your shampoo. My advice is you to wash your twice or thrice in a week.

4>Look at the quality of products you apply on your hair: We often don’t look at the products’ quality. We try various types of products on our hair which cause hair loss. We overuse hair straighteners and curling irons which damage our follicles and prevent our hairs from growing. You can check the quality of hair products to test those products on your skin before applying it on your hair. If you notice any burning and itching sensation on your skin, then avoid using such products on your hair.

5>Avoid excess heating your hairs: As i said above, avoid using hair straighteners. It weakens your hair follicles, and you will not get healthy long hairs if you are giving too much heat to your hair. If you are fond of using hair straightening, try to use low heating sytem to straighten the hair.

6> Detangling hair: Always do the finger detangling first, after that use comb to detangle hair. It will prevent forming big tangles in your hair so that you will have low hair fall

7>Diets: Diets is essential for hair growth. If you are eating the right food and avoid eating junk food, you will grow your hair faster. Intake foods like beans, grains, nuts and fish which has proteins that prevent hair from damaging. I also suggest you to take multivitamins to improve the quality of your hair. Take a multivitamin that has vitamin A, B and C.

8> Always use cold water for washing your hair: Some people rinse the hair with hot water. Hot water damages our hair follicles and makes root week. So avoid washing your hair with hot water.

9> Wash your pillowcases and towels:
Always wash the products you use on your water not to be any dirt sitting on those products. Wash your comb, pillows, hat with clean water so that there will be no toxins present on them.

10>Hair care: Be gentle with your hair and scalp. Use a soft towel to dry your hair. Be patients with your hair; you can’t grow your short hair to long hairs overnight. It will take time to grow long, so don’t expect a miracle in one or two weeks.