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How to choose shampoo-What To look for when buying shampoo?

how to choose shampoo

Many people don’t know what to look for and what to avoid when buying shampoo and conditioner. They don’t look at the ingredients in the shampoo. This shampoo buying guide covered everything that you need to know to identify good shampoo.

Our needs for personal grooming are increasing day by day, everyone want s to look good, as compared to others. There are a variety of grooming products available in the market for every grooming requirement for her, as well as for him; hair occupies a special place for grooming for the genders. Some people are very possessive about their hair; they don’t like anyone touching their hair.

Haircare is one of the critical parts of grooming for females as well as males; shampoo is one of the most important things that an individual uses to take care of their har. In the modern market, there is a huge variety of shampoos available, which can be a very confusing and difficult task for a person to choose from. Today in this very brief article, we will discuss “what should I look for when buying shampoo?,” I will tell you some of the very important points which you should keep in mind while purchasing a shampoo.

how to choose shampoo

How to Choose Good Shampoo?

As we all know, the market is flooded with shampoos and hair detox treatment from various bands; every brand promotes its products by spending huge amounts on advertising in paper and media. But good advertisement does not mean that the shampoo is good, there are various things to keep in mind while purchasing a good shampoo, let us have a quick look at some of the points

Hair Type

The thing that matters the most while choosing a good shampoo for yourself is the hair type, there are various hair types, and you should know your proper hair type before going with any shampoo. Let us have a quick look at some of the hair types.

  • Frizzy Hair – People from this category of hair type have very dry, rough and messy hair; if you have such hair then I will recommend you to use a shampoo which contains a good amount of sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate
  • Dry Coarse Hair – People from this category of hair type have a very dry scalp with no or very less natural oils. In such a case, you need a good moisturizing shampoo that can provide moisturizer to your scalp.
  • Fine Hair – Those you have fine hair their hair are quite thin as compared to others, due to which they get oily by the natural oil of the hair. Such people should use an anti-oil shampoo daily or alternately to get rid of the oil.


While choosing a good shampoo, a person should always check the ingredients it contains because there are many shampoos available in the market that contain harmful chemicals. That may damage your hair and retard your hair growth by replenishing the natural hair oils found on the scalp. I will personally recommend you to go for herbal shampoos that are totally chemical-free hence don’t have any side effects such as hair loss or retarded hair growth.


Hair is considered one of the most important things in the human body; people love their hair very much. But taking care of the hair is not an easy task, as there are various shampoos from different brands, which makes it very confusing for a person to choose a good shampoo for their hair type. In this short article, I have mentioned certain points which you should keep in mind while purchasing a shampoo, If you have any problem as me in the comment box.