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Different Types of Shampoo

shampoo types

There are several shampoos and conditioners are available in the market online and offline. Choosing the best shampoo thats suits our hair is essential. I always get questions like which shampoo is suitable for my hair, which shampoo is the best for my hair, and other shampoo queries. Every person has different hair, and each person has a different need for shampoo. To get beautiful hair, you must select the right shampoo for your hair. A good shampoo will make a difference between damaged, unmanaged hair and long healthy-looking, smooth hairs. There are tons of options available in the market, so choosing the right shampoo out of these shampoos can be confusing because each shampoo look likes the best shampoo.

shampoo types

You have to choose the shampoo that matches your hair type. Before using any shampoo, you must know how the shampoo works and how to use shampoo. We have to consider the scalp into the consideration while choosing the shampoo. Some shampoo can cause itchy scalps, so choose your shampoo carefully. A good shampoo cleans the dirt present on your hair and scalp. It removes the toxins that present on your hair follicles and scalp. The one type of shampoo is not fit for all of us. So you have to choose a shampoo based on your hair types and hair problems.

1> Shampoo for regular use:

Regular shampoo is for those who are not suffering from any hair problem. The regular shampoo is for those who want to clean the dirt present in the hair.

2>Everday shampoo:

Everyday shampoos are gentle and free from alkali. They have a mild cleansing formula that will not cause an itchy scalp. It will not remove the natural oils from the hair.

3> Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo are also know as hair detox shampoo. The Clarifying shampoo removes the toxins and impurities from your hair. Clarifying shampoo has deep cleaning formula that removes toxins from all three layers of hair and scalp. Clarifying shampoo can be harsh, so we are not recommend it to use every day. You can use Clarifying shampoo once or twice a week.

4>Moisturizing shampoo:

A moisturizing shampoo is use for treating dry hair. The lack of moisture can cause dry hair and scalp. People who regularly color their hair are suffering from the problem of dry hair. Moisturizing shampoo nourished your hair strands. Moisturizing shampoo makes dry hair look shiny and healthy.

5>Anti-breakage shampoo:

Anti-breakage shampoo reduces the breakage of hair, and it makes our hair healthy and smooth. Anti-breakage shampoo targets the damaged area to prevent the breakage of hair. The anti-breakage shampoo contains gelatin and vitamin B12 that helps in fixing distressed, weak hair. It helps us to grow our hair longer by preventing split ends.

6>Volumizing shampoo

Volumizing shampoo gives volume to the thin hair. It provides the extra boost to the thin hair. Volumizing shampoo also cleans the hair strands. Volumizing shampoo increased the thickness of hair so that it looks healthy and strong.

7>Shampoo for Color-treated hair

If you have colored your hair, then you might have the problem of dry hair. The color-treated hair shampoo are specially designed for maintaining the hairs of people who love coloring their hair. They contain a special formula that are designed to treat colored hair.

8> Anti-dandruff shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo are specially designed to cure the problem of hair. Many people are suffering from dandruff, so it is better to use an anti-dandruff shampoo to clear dandruff. Anti-dandruff shampoo controls the flaking and itching caused by dandruff.

9> Anti-hair fall shampoo

anti-hair fall shampoo controls the hair fall. It cleanses your scalp and hair to stop hair fall. It nourishes the hair shaft and prevents the breakage of hair. Anti-hair fall shampoo repairs the damaged hair.