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How to Take Care of Hair

How to Take Care of Hair

Haircare doesn’t always have to be a daunting task. We all hear about the multitudes of tips and tricks that come our way, especially when it comes to hair care. We are here to guide you through the flurry of information you will definitely come across daily. Good Haircare routine will help you to remove toxin from your […]

Is Your Shampoo Dangerous?

Is Your Shampoo Dangerous

Many of us purchase shampoo based on its smell, bottle covers, and celebrity recommendation, but we don’t even bother looking at the label present on a shampoo bottle. We don’t even know the ingredients and chemicals present in the shampoo. We get disappointed after seeing our shampoo doesn’t give us the result we want. We […]

What Kills Hair Follicles?

What Kills Hair Follicles

There are several causes of baldness in males and females. We have seen an increase in pattern baldness in males and females. The leading cause of baldness is the damaged hair follicle. So we have to understand what kills hair follicles to prevent the damage of hair follicles. Whether you are male or female, we […]