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Advantages of Hair Follicle Drug Testing

hair follicle test advantages

There is an increase in drug abuse in the workplace. To prevent it, companies are now conducting drug tests. There are various types of drug tests. Each type has its advantage and disadvantage. The urine, saliva, blood, and hair follicle test are four common types of drug tests. Saliva, urine, and blood drug test have low detection window. Many people are manipulating the urine and saliva drug test results, so urine and saliva are not effective for drug testing.The urine and saliva drug tests are not accurate.

Advantages of Hair Follicle Drug Testing.

hair follicle test advantages

The hair follicle drug test are accurate than the saliva and urine test. A hair follicle test is an effective and accurate way to detect drug abuse. So if you are looking for an accurate, effective, and efficient way to conduct the drug test, then the hair follicle test is the best option for you. The employer can rely on the result of a hair follicle test. We can’t rely on the urine test result because people use fake pee like synthetic and powdered pee to manipulate the test result. The urine test has a low detection window. It detects the past drug intake up to three weeks.

When we intake the drugs, its metabolite gets dissolve in your bloodstream, and they get transfer to all part of the body, including urine and hair. The hair follicle test can detect the past drug up to 90 days after the intake. Hair follicle test is use for a different purpose, including detecting legal and illegal substance.
The hair follicle drug test can detect the traces of drugs like weed, marijuana, cocaine, and opiates that present in the hair. Parents can utilize Hair follicle drug test to keep their children’s safe from drugs. Parents can use the hair follicle test to check whether their children are addicted to drugs or not.
The hair follicle test requires a tiny amount of year hair from any part of your body. Even if you are bald, the lab can collect hair from your arm or chest. So there is no risk of sample tampering in the hair follicle test.
The age, weight, and metabolism rate affect how long the drug stays in the system. So the person who has a good metabolism rate can wipe the drug out of the system than the person who has a low metabolism rate. The metabolism rate affects the urine and saliva test, but the hair test is different. The hair follicle drug test can traces of the drug from the hair as long as hair continues to grow from our body.
A hair follicle test is a supervised test; hence it is better than the unsupervised urine test. For the hair follicle test, the strands of hair is tested. You can try this shampoo for a hair follicle test.

In short, here are the advantage of the hair follicle test.

1> Long detection window: The hair follicle drug test has a 90-day detection window.
2>Impossible to cheat: IT is almost impossible to cheat the hair follicle test because the drug can stay in the hair for upto 90 days. The hair sample is collected from any part of the body.
3>Accuracy: the hair follicle test is accurate than the saliva and urine test because the hair follicle test has fewer sample tampering chances.
4>Reliability: User can’t clean the toxins in the hair quickly, which makes the hair test reliable.